Scan & More

Why Scan & More Solution…

  • Buying & Shopping Experience

    The experience is everything. Scan & More will improve the buying and shopping experience including customer loyalty and In-Store merchandizing. Trend is mobility, the longer your sales stay with the customer the more they will spend. Which increase loyalty and customer retention.

  • Same Device, Multi Functions

    You can take advantage of the same device for multiple functions without the need to have a separate device for each function, such as, using it as a price checker or a smart Cart at the peak time for customers, or using it for inventory stocktaking and shelf tag at the rest working times

  • Same Device, Multi Functions

    Increase throughput & reduce cycle time. Using our fast solution along with Honeywell mobile/printers, In-Store associates can quickly generate labels, shelf tags, and receipts from anywhere using handhelds. Faster transactions and less downtime result in higher productivity across the retail space helping move product efficiently to cut the operation cost.

  • Rugged & Smart Devices

    Honeywell handheld computers combine the advantages of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package. Like PDAs, Honeywell devices are small and lightweight. Yet they provide targeted functionality. Honeywell handheld computers include: The latest Android™ operating system technology SmartSystems™ device management software Superior industrial design and ruggedness

Price Management

Price Management is critical for any retailer. Scan & More Retail Price Management solutions improve productivity, accuracy and control. Price change information can be made available on mobile devices & mobile printer in advance of sales or for end of shelf-life reductions. Discount & promotion details, or revised pricing combines with immediate printing of new product tickets on a mobile printer for fast, accurate and flexible re-pricing or re-labelling. An integrated set of business rules helps compliance with new pricing as staff can check the correct details of product labels, banners and shelf-edge labels with a single scan. And while the device is idle it can be used as a Price Checker.

Stock Counting

Stock Counting is an essential part of any retail operation. Accurate counting of goods held is critical to maintaining stock levels. Scan & Go enables retailers to keep one step ahead of inventory with Full Count for Inventory and instore location. The application features a unique console to manage locations and zones, assigning users to zones and automatically allocating staff via mobile devices to maximize throughout. The application can track and count stock on the shop floor, in the stockroom or off-site, with real-time reconciliation against expected stock levels and against second count while using online real time transfer.

Loyalty & Smart Cart

Mobilizing your point of sale for assisted shopping, queue busting and small format concessions. Scan & More helps you achieve a quick and accurate shopping information, improving the shopping experience. By allowing customers to scan their own items as they shop as well as giving them a history of their previous shopping and Loyalty information.

Stock Management

Accurate Stock Management is important to match stock to demand, ensuring that the items that will sell are always available in store. Receiving stock from vendors or stock movement between locations can optimize your selling opportunities. Stock adjustments and zeros can be completed immediately with code capture, Scan & More can handle also returns and product recalls and create logs.

Omnichannel retailing is an expansion of multichannel retailing. The emergence of digital technologies, social media and mobile devices has led to the significant changes in the retail environment and provide opportunities for the retailers to redesign their marketing strategies. Today, customers tend to be looking for information in the physical store and at the same time they are getting additional information from their mobile devices about offers and possibly better prices. Several features, like size charts, easy return policy and same-day delivery, have boosted ecommerce and promoted omnichannel shopping. An omnichannel retailer has traditional methods of mass advertising integrated with emerging interactive channels. Websites, email offers, social media messaging and physical stores all show the same messages, offers, and products. The omnichannel concept not only extends the range of channels, but also incorporates the needs, communications and interactions between customer, brand and retailer.