A Smart way to minimize losses

Auto-identification of items when leaving your premises unannounced. An innovative solution to digitize the detection of certain tracked items, which are of value to the business using RFID technology. Trovami automatically detects if any of these items leaves the business premises outside a planned activity. If you are looking to track such items for information-only to efficiently manage inventory stocks or you are looking to prevent the loss of these items, Trovami is a smart way to achieve both objectives.

Your ROI in less than a year

Embarking on the transformation of your processes to a mature, efficient and automated level without introducing notable investment risk or capex. Get back your investment in Trovami in less than a year of operation with its affordable prices, specially when compared to the cost savings made from retaining your items.

Easy to install, intuitive to use

Get the value of Trovami without the hassle of waiting for months or even weeks. Not only it takes days to install and configure but it is very intuitive requiring zero training or knowledge transfer time for users. Portable device is as easy as using your own cell phone, with the extra spice of a handheld computer, providing longer battery life and extreme ruggedness that will spare you a good scare every time the device is dropped.

Dynamic dashboards of identified items & cost savings

It always comes down to the numbers of how much cost we managed to save – or lost- when where these savings/loses made and what are the forecasted numbers. All this is dynamically presented by Trovami in the forms of comparable graphs, unique figures and data grids to help executive management make informed and calculated decisions.

Achieve the customer experience you dream off

Choose Trovami better than denying your customers the lap of luxury experience and abundance of comforts because of your worry to lose high-end items to theft and unlawful acquisition. Trovami will help you bring your losses to theft to a minimum and will increase your confidence to make items of luxury available to deliver the best experience and not only retain your items, but your customers as well.

The app provides forms to serve everyone involved in the academic communication circle:

Web Portal

  • Cloud based solution
  • Profile Management of Businesses
  • Tracked Item Management
  • User Group Management
  • Item vs. RFID Tag Sequence Management
  • Daily reports of findings
  • Management access to rich dynamic dashboards.

Mobile Application

  • Native Android Application
  • Portable display of the types & quantities of detected items
  • Easy & intuitive reporting of findings
  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed devices, with a high performance, offering best in class UHF, RFID range and speed.


  • Comes in different types and sizes to suit all items that require tracking.
  • Flexible textile, linen, and paper tags
  • Tolerable of industrial washings up to hundreds of times, at high washing, ironing and disinfection temperatures.